Provensec: PCI DSS Compliant Penetration Testing Expert

Provensec: PCI DSS Compliant Penetration Testing Expert

Russell Poffenroth, VP-Sales & Marketing, ProvensecRussell Poffenroth, VP-Sales & Marketing
In today’s highly competitive retail world, companies are increasingly implementing new and improved marketing strategies to build a stronger online presence to retain and sustain potential customers. Meanwhile, “As more and more retail businesses process online transactions, they often expose themselves to both regualtory and compliance risks. PCI DSS is an important element for every retailer in the compliance landscape,” says Russell Poffenroth, VP-Sales and Marketing, Provensec. CIOs are looking to combat cyberthreats and keeping up with increasingly sophisticated attack methods, along with meeting compliance and regulatory needs, within a limited budget. This is where Provensec comes in. With a sharp focus on PCI DSS compliant Penetration Testing services, Provensec delivers afforable vulnerability management and security monitoring solutions through a SaaS model that leverages the power of cloud technologies.

When the recent outbreak of global ransomware attack “WANNACRY” raged across the internet, it became apparent that meeting regulatory and compliance needs will become more stringent and expensive. “Having carved a niche for ourselves in PCI DSS compliant space, we understand how payment environments operate and also what PCI DSS demands. As soon as we start onboarding a client, the added value of our GRC domain expertise is visible to all our clients,” notes Russell. Provensec’s armor to combating sophisticated cyber threats is their state-of-the-art vulnerability scanning and testing suite—Cloudpro-X. It offers simple and easy-to-use vulnerability management and security monitoring capabilities that help CIOs stay compliant and in control of their threat landscape.

Focusing on efficiency gains, the unified SaaS solution provides uptime monitoring, malware scanning, web application firewall, cyber threat intelligence, and manual penetration testing.

Having carved a niche for ourselves in PCI DSS compliant space, we understand how payment environments operate and also what PCI DSS demands

“As part of the continuous maturity, we have recently integrated Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) and phishing platform to address the security concerns of our clients,” says Russell. This cloud suite helps business owners to leverage the benefits without having any implementation and infrastructure cost. “Cloud technologies are the backbone of present day IT innovation projects.” At Provensec, the innovations are focused on SaaS and cloud market. “We invent in the cloud and augment solutions for businesses that operate in the cloud. This focused approach has helped us build strong relationships with our clients.”

Provensec plays the role of “a trusted expert” by providing end-to-end assistance in achieving PCI DSS compliance, a move which has strengthened its relationships with several of its clients. “Our simplistic approach towards security innovation translates into two main benefits for our clients—ease of deploying using our solutions and scalability and cost-effectiveness that we offer using our cloud platform,” points out Russell.

The company has not only been witnessing over 80 percent of client retention rate but also their client satisfaction rate is simply impeccable. Since the first quarter of 2017, Provensec has won many awards and is also getting recognized by industry analysts.

Presently, Russell claims that the company is potentially in the most exciting phase of their journey. “Our focus right now is in cementing our position as a market leader in retail and payment security domain. We are also investing in further maturity of our internal processes to prepare ourselves for a sustainable and exponential growth.” With over 250 clients spread across 8 countries, Provensec is all set to commence its operations in the UK and UAE, as well. “Our name ‘Provensec’ clearly emphasizes what we envision to accomplish,” he concludes.