Eagle Security Fire & Life Safety, Inc.: A Full Service Security Integrator

Eagle Security Fire & Life Safety, Inc.: A Full Service Security Integrator

Agron Poti, President, Eagle Security Fire & Life Safety, IncAgron Poti, President
In July 2012, Mike Feeny and Agron Poti formed Eagle Security Fire & Life Safety, Inc. bringing together a combined 40 years of experience in fire alarm, nurse call, electronic security, electrical installation and service. Eagle Security Fire & Life Safety, Inc. is a full service low voltage electrical contracting firm that Mike and Agron have started to serve the customers in the Detroit and Chicago markets that have been affected by the recent market changes as well as expand their services to new customers in the area.

Eagle Security Fire & Life Safety, Inc. is committed to incorporating sound business practices and establishing long-term relationships with its customers and business partners with integrity and excellence. Eagle Security focuses on personalized service by offering quality, convenience, and rapid service through all its vertical markets—“retail, commercial multi-tenant, education, and healthcare.” Additionally, Eagle Security has the technological expertise to install sophisticated fire alarm, nurse call, and electronic security systems including large wireless and IP based camera and access control solutions in any size facility. Finally, Eagle Security has strong vendor relationships with S2 Security, Strategic Partner of Edwards Products, Jeron, RCare the most service conscious vendors who are capable of shipping major parts rapidly (on an overnight timeline in most cases) minimizing the system down time for Eagle Security customers.

Eagle Security believes training is one of the keys to customer service, “We are actively involved in our state fire alarm apprentice training program and NICET certification. We are also involved in all of our manufactures training programs and provide in-house training for all of our employees,” says Agron, President of Eagle Security.

We offer 24/7 monitoring and full fire alarm inspection capabilities from fire alarm, extinguishers, sprinkler, and suppression

The company provides all project needs from CAD design to project management. “Our offices are all State licensed for fire and security and are happy to work with customers through code violations, or deficiencies. We offer 24/7 monitoring and full fire alarm inspection capabilities from fire alarm, extinguishers, sprinkler, and suppression.”

The Cloud is the cornerstone of Eagle Security’s security strategy. The Cloud is a centralized service that allows a business to manage their security systems in a pure web-based environment. With the Cloud, Eagle Security is leveraging centralized and shared resources that can eliminate the trappings that go with a managed IT infrastructure including IT staff, systems analyst talent, and database administrators. Using Video Surveillance-as-a-Service (VSaaS) technology, Eagle Security has integrated Axis Communications’ One-Click Camera Connection to stream video from Internet Protocol (IP) cameras and encoders over the Internet to the Dell Cloud that provides a seamless multi-tenant environment for running virtual systems. The accessibility and flexibility of cloud-based services offers video recording availability anywhere, anytime on desktop, notebook, and mobile smartphone devices.


Eagle Security is committed to staying on top of the technology curve and Industry advancements in the fire alarm, security, and nurse call world. “It is important to us to offer the leading technology available in the market to our customers coupled with good installation practices, service, inspection, and customer service. This will take our company to the next level and make us competitive into the future,” concludes Agron.