eInfochips: Enhancing In-store Security

eInfochips: Enhancing In-store Security

Pratul Shroff, Founder & CEO, eInfochipsPratul Shroff, Founder & CEO
According to a study by the Nation Retail Federation, retail businesses in the U.S. are now losing around 60 Bn dollars annually to retail shrinkage. The vast majority of the losses are attributable to retail theft—shoplifting has surpassed employee theft as the greatest cause of inventory shrink. There is a growing concern among retailers to enhance their security measures that can address the surveillance needs in the stores, while maximizing store profits. eInfochips is assisting retailers around the globe, by leveraging its extensive portfolio of IPs and frameworks to build comprehensive retail solutions from the storefront to the back office. eInfochips has designed and deployed multiple solutions for its end clients including in-store retail surveillance, handheld scanners, point-of-sale terminals, digital signage, inventory management, and e-commerce. “eInfochips has the experience, expertise, and infrastructure to deliver complex, critical, and connected products,” says Pratul Shroff, Founder and CEO, eInfochips.

The company is digitizing stores using wireless sensors, scanners, and video cameras to feed data to a new generation of retail business applications through its Retail Site Intelligence (RSI). Data from these connected devices flows throughout the stores, and finally fed to the apps for further analysis—helping customers to find the right products, checkout faster, and get a better store experience. RSI also provides employees with useful insights from real-time data analysis of store activity, which in turn allows them to further contribute to meet their customer’s needs.

The Kroger and ZigBee synergy has powered RSI products to be the cornerstone of their technology infrastructure and make a better store experience for its customers. The product include Video Management System (VMS), available both as a stand-alone and enterprise platform, suitable for convenience stores and largest retail operations. The VMS encompass motion detection, privacy mask, bandwidth adjustable remote viewing, camera mapping and local or remote collaborative video investigation.

eInfochips has the experience, expertise, and infrastructure to deliver complex, critical, and connected products

In addition, the synergy’s flagship solution IP Camera and Access Point solution is a full featured security camera that uses Power over Ethernet. It also includes the capabilities of a ZigBee wireless access point that reduces the total installation costs. On the other hand, the ZigBee based handheld laser scanners are easy to use and have over nine hours of battery life. They also secure low power communications enabling applications such as mobile shopping, alerts, and walkie-talkie voice communications.

The company has achieved strong proficiency across the retail surveillance chain, offering customers— video acquisition, compression, transmission, display, consumption, and storage. eInfochips also assist firms to develop a complete surveillance solution or further enhance their existing surveillance infrastructure with proprietary video management platform that supports third party off-the shelf cameras.

In an instance, a client of eInfochips—Warehouse Club, a retail store that sells a wide variety of merchandise, was facing the challenge of business scalability stemming from multiple technology shortcomings. The client required usability enhancements and manual reconciliation—as the systems for order management, inventory tracking and freight management were isolated. eInfochips improved the overall shopping experience by building a contemporary web portal, while integrating backend systems to optimize the net delivery schedules. Today, the overall on-time shipments have grown from 60 percent to 95 percent with the integration of backend systems.

The company has been working with multiple Fortune 100 firms on retail solutions and many first-of-its-kind products to empower its customers with sustainable competitive advantage. “Having done the hard yards, we are now poised to scale our engagements over the next 18 months,” concludes Shroff.