Gatekeeper Systems: Designing Tomorrow's Technology for Today

Gatekeeper Systems: Designing Tomorrow's Technology for Today

CIO VendorBrett Osterfeld, President
Organized Retail Crime (ORC) has been a serious issue for large and small retailers alike—at some point or another, most retailers have been victims of organized crime gangs. ORC is different than the traditional forms of shoplifting, in the sense that although theft methods are the same, the scale, frequency, and losses of each incident are much greater. “The rise in retail theft, responsible for swiftly sinking store's profits, is in part due to the significant payoffs shoplifting can bring in,” says Brett Osterfeld, President, Gatekeeper Systems®. Retailers with avoidable loss prevention components increase their chances of being viewed as an easy or profitable target by the thieves. In addition to driving profitability, retail companies are taking additional measures to prevent unwarranted losses from theft and poor inventory management. Well positioned to cater to this situation, Gatekeeper delivers solutions to help retailers minimize merchandise loss and reduce asset and labor expenditures with their innovative technology for stores.

For retailers, the loss of shopping carts can pose significant threat to their organization’s profit as the repair, retrieval, and replacement cost add a substantial drain on revenue. Gatekeeper Systems®’ robust cart containment solution is designed to prevent theft and loss of shopping carts. In order to keep the shopping cart fleet where it belongs, the CartControl® cart retention system combines patented self-braking wheels, embedded perimeter antenna, and digitally encoded radio frequency (RF) locking signal.

Gatekeeper Systems’ purchek® pushout theft solution reduces loss of merchandise by equipping each shopping cart with a self locking wheel

“With its unique locking wheel technology the ‘cart containment solution’ helps retailers to keep their carts safe both inside and outside the store,” adds Osterfeld.

Pushout theft prevention is a high need on a retailer's loss prevention toolbox list for asset protection and liability reduction. Existing loss prevention methods such as video surveillance, sensor tag alarms, or visual identification, while valuable, these loss prevention items don’t stop pushout theft. “Gatekeeper Systems’ purchek® pushout theft solution reduces loss of merchandise by equipping each shopping cart with a self locking wheel,” says Osterfeld. When a thief avoids the checkout, the wheel will lock stopping the cart at the exit as it has not received a permission to leave with unpaid merchandise.

The spirit of innovation on which the company was founded upon remains the driving force behind the firm’s evolving technology. The SmartWheel® 2.0QS wheel was a recent addition to Gatekeeper’s family of products. The new wheel comes with a 5 year battery warranty, which breaks the barrier of the industry standard of a 1 year warranty. Gatekeeper Systems is the only company in the industry to offer a 3 year electronic components warranty. The tread is a replaceable quick service tread that makes replacement easier and faster on a self-locking wheel. Gatekeeper will continue to enhance the GS Technology Platform to deliver a broader range of products.