Gatekeeper Systems: Designing Tomorrow's Technology for Today

Gatekeeper Systems: Designing Tomorrow's Technology for Today

CIO VendorBrett Osterfeld, President
Organized Retail Crime (ORC) has been a serious issue for large and small retailers alike—at some point or another, most retailers have been victims of organized crime gangs. ORC is different than the traditional forms of shoplifting, in the sense that although theft methods are the same, the scale, frequency, and losses of each incident are much greater. “The rise in retail theft, responsible for swiftly sinking store's profits, is in part due to the significant payoffs shoplifting can bring in,” says Brett Osterfeld, President, Gatekeeper Systems®. Retailers with avoidable loss prevention components increase their chances of being viewed as an easy or profitable target by the thieves. In addition to driving profitability, retail companies are taking additional measures to prevent unwarranted losses from theft and poor inventory management. Well positioned to cater to this situation, Gatekeeper delivers solutions to help retailers minimize merchandise loss and reduce asset and labor expenditures with their innovative technology for stores.

For retailers, the loss of shopping carts can pose significant threat to their organization’s profit as the repair, retrieval, and replacement cost add a substantial drain on revenue. Gatekeeper Systems®’ robust cart containment solution is designed to prevent theft and loss of shopping carts. In order to keep the shopping cart fleet where it belongs, the CartControl® cart retention system combines patented self-braking wheels, embedded perimeter antenna, and digitally encoded radio frequency (RF) locking signal.

Gatekeeper Systems’ purchek® pushout theft solution reduces loss of merchandise by equipping each shopping cart with a self locking wheel

“With its unique locking wheel technology the ‘cart containment solution’ helps retailers to keep their carts safe both inside and outside the store,” adds Osterfeld.

Pushout theft prevention is a high need on a retailer's loss prevention toolbox list for asset protection and liability reduction. Existing loss prevention methods such as video surveillance, sensor tag alarms, or visual identification, while valuable, these loss prevention items don’t stop pushout theft. “Gatekeeper Systems’ purchek® pushout theft solution reduces loss of merchandise by equipping each shopping cart with a self locking wheel,” says Osterfeld. When a thief avoids the checkout, the wheel will lock stopping the cart at the exit as it has not received a permission to leave with unpaid merchandise.

The spirit of innovation on which the company was founded upon remains the driving force behind the firm’s evolving technology. The SmartWheel® 2.0QS wheel was a recent addition to Gatekeeper’s family of products. The new wheel comes with a 5 year battery warranty, which breaks the barrier of the industry standard of a 1 year warranty. Gatekeeper Systems is the only company in the industry to offer a 3 year electronic components warranty. The tread is a replaceable quick service tread that makes replacement easier and faster on a self-locking wheel. Gatekeeper will continue to enhance the GS Technology Platform to deliver a broader range of products.

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KCI Expands Throughout Florida with Acquisition of Keith & Schnars

Fort Lauderdale, Florida: KCI Technologies Inc., a multi-disciplined engineering firm with offices throughout the United States, has acquired Keith & Schnars (K&S), a consulting firm specializing in engineering, construction inspection, surveying, landscape architecture, planning and environmental science. Based out of Fort Lauderdale, K&S has played a key role in Florida’s growing transportation infrastructure, commercial, residential, recreational, and educational markets.

K&S was founded in 1972 by Bill Keith and Tom Schnars. Upon the latter’s death in 1983, Tanzer Kalayci and Arnold Ramos joined the 10-person firm and began explosive growth to become Florida’s third-largest multi-disciplined engineering firm. As the firm expanded into different engineering and related service lines, its geographic reach spread across the state, and now includes offices in Jacksonville, Orlando, Lehigh Acres and Miami. K&S has a diverse client base that includes the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) as well as a host of county, municipal and private organizations.

“K&S’s long history, recognized technical expertise and reputation among industry peers are a perfect complement to our existing capabilities and planned geographic growth in Florida,” said KCI CEO and President Nathan J. Beil, PE. “Welcoming their team into KCI serves as both an in-state expansion of our existing construction engineering, communications and surveying service lines as well as a new presence in landscape architecture, planning and transportation design.”

Over the years, Keith & Schnars has worked on some of Florida’s most noteworthy projects, including development of the Sawgrass Mills Mall, the largest outlet and value retail shopping center in the United States, and the Sawgrass Expressway, a 21-mile-long electronic toll-way in Broward County. Their team also conducted more than 10,000 public meetings in support of the I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project in Orlando. More recently, the firm assisted in development of the state’s current landscape specifications and now provides landscape design and/or inspection services for FDOT Districts 1, 4, 6 and 7 and the Florida Turnpike Enterprise. K&S construction inspectors are onsite overseeing work on the four-mile $60 million Baldwin Bypass in Jacksonville and the $55 million widening of SR 82 including the state’s first continuous flow intersection at Daniels Parkway and Gunnery Road. This firm is also completing final design plans for FDOT’s first Statewide Acceleration and Transformation (SWAT) project—SR 714 Martin Highway in Martin County.

“KCI is a great strategic fit for us based on their corporate culture and similar service lines,” said K&S CEO Errol Kalayci. “Our combined experience and resources will lay the groundwork for a brighter and stronger future for the firm as well as opportunities for professional development and career growth for our team.”

Kalayci has spent much of his professional life with K&S, starting at the age of 14 as a draftsman. During his tenure, he served as a construction manager and inspector, geotechnical field technician and laboratory manager, corporate counsel and chief operating officer. He became chief executive officer, following the retirement of his father Tanzer in 2016. With KCI, Kalayci will take on the role of Corporate Counsel for the firm of 1,550.

Strategic Corporate Leadership: Tapping into the Formula of Innovation

Great leadership turns out to be a huge asset for enterprises aiming to target higher growth.

FREMONT, CA: KCI, the engineering and construction solution provider, appointed and welcomed James Curran, PE, on board as land development leader to lead and improve KCI’s land development work in the Delaware region. James Curran comes with extensive experience in both the public and private sector in his career spanning 26 years.
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Cambium Networks Announces New ePMP Force 300 Fixed Wireless Broadband Solutions

ROLLING MEADOWS - Cambium Networks, (NASDAQ: CMBM) a leading global provider of wireless networking solutions, today announced new ePMP wireless broadband solutions to provide reliable and affordable connectivity. Three new subscriber modules provide more choice for network operators to create purpose-built networks that meet throughput needs while performing in noisy and harsh environments. These new additions to the ePMP portfolio extend wireless connectivity options for service providers, enterprise and industrial operators deploying connectivity with Cambium Networks' Wireless Fabric portfolio of connectivity solutions.

"Wireless service providers and enterprises are challenged to provide reliable connectivity and higher data rates or service plans as spectrum becomes increasingly scarce," said Sakid Ahmed, Vice President of ePMP Business, Cambium Networks. "These new subscriber modules leverage advanced 802.11ac Wave 2 System on Chip solutions expand the ePMP 3000 portfolio by offering small form factor short distance subscriber modules, a mid-gain panel antenna-based solution for point-to-point (PTP) and a ruggedized option with 4.9 GHz support in the public safety markets. Network operators can continue to leverage 4x4 MU-MIMO with ePMP 3000 as the access point (AP) and compatibility with ePMP 1000 & 2000 access points.

Force 300-13 is well-suited for short links in applications like the transport of CCTV video surveillance or short urban internet connectivity. The module supports 20, 40 and 80 MHz channel sizes and modulations up to 256 QAM. The unit has a small form factor and a 13 dBi integrated panel antenna that makes an ideal deployment in space constrained locations or where aesthetics are paramount.

Force 300-19 is used for medium range links and is useful for operators that prefer a panel antenna form factor vs. a dish form factor. The panel antenna is ideal for locations that are inappropriate for dish antennas while providing similar performance.

Force 300-19R – with a similar form factor to the Force 300-19, the 300-19R is useful for large enterprise, government and industrial applications with ruggedization weather proofing. This module also features the addition of narrow 5 and 10 MHz channel sizes for PTP applications making it especially useful in the 4.9 GHz licensed frequency band.

These three new ePMP Force 300 products join the Force 300-16 and Force 300-25 to provide a complete suite of subscriber radios to address a broad range of network operator applications. Network operators can rapidly design high reliability links with the free LINKPlanner Release 5.1 software, model network coverage in cnHeat, and monitor performance and manage the network with the free cnMaestroend-to-end management system.