Verint Systems [NASDAQ: VRNT]: Building a Secure Shopping Experience

Verint Systems [NASDAQ: VRNT]: Building a Secure Shopping Experience

Dan Bodner, President & CEO, Verint SystemsDan Bodner, President & CEO
Whether a high-end electronics outlet or a clothing boutique, the retail arena has seen a significant rise in several security breaches of personal information, transactional data, and even funds. To combat the rampant store robberies and shoplifting issues, retailers, require comprehensive security strategies, to garner better insights and situational awareness of threats occurring within the store. Since its inception, the Melville based firm, Verint Systems [NASDAQ: VRNT] has offered retailers robust security intelligence solutions, helping them to effectively tackle malicious and abnormal activities within the store.

Leveraging Verint’s Actionable Intelligence solutions, retailers can efficiently capture large amounts of data and information from numerous data types and sources, and use analytics to glean insights from the information. This enables retailers to prevent loss, protect assets, and optimize performance of their complete retail operations. Whether it’s a big-box leader or a specialty store, Verint’s Actionable Intelligence solution help clients optimize customer engagement, and enable decision makers to anticipate, respond, and take better business decisions.

Preventing shoplifting has been one of the major concerns for the retailers today. Verint’s comprehensive video surveillance EdgeVMS product plays a major role in helping retailers to protect their customers, assets, and in turn improve performance, while reducing cost of operations. Verint EdgeVMS is an enterprise Network Video Recorder (NVR) interface, which when installed, can monitor, manage and troubleshoot NVR operations from a centralized location, delivering comprehensive intelligence and effective investigation results. Verint’s EdgeVMS enables retailers to view and configure video from multiple NVRs, on a single screen.

Along with the video recorder, Verint delivers IP cameras, which are installed at the point of sale to help retailer simplify and efficiently run the customers’ complete retail operation.

Verint’s Actionable Intelligence solution help clients optimize customer engagement, and enable decision makers to anticipate, respond, and take better business decisions

Verint IP cameras deliver high-definition video and multi-streaming capabilities that meet retailer’s video surveillance requirements. Installing these cameras, retailers can ensure loss prevention, improve store and personnel performance, safeguard valuable inventory, and deliver a superior customer service experience and maximizes sales conversions.

Capturing these vast amounts of video information, Verint generates Actionable Intelligence helping retailers to make better and more effective decisions, through its Video Surveillance Analytics. This powerful suite of integrated analytic applications has the ability to automatically pinpoint potential breaches and significant events, and send the video alerts directly to the appropriate personnel, departments and agencies. By leveraging Video Surveillance Analytics, security staff can focus on deterring and managing threats in real-time with automatic and time-critical detection capabilities, enabling them to take immediate action.

Today, thousands of organizations use Verint solutions to help address three areas of the market—customer engagement optimization, security intelligence, and fraud, risk and compliance. Verint’s Video Business Analytics plays a key role in helping clients enhance and improve their customer service, manage store performance, prevent crimes, and train personnel. The analytics solution also allow retailers to identify their in-store traffic patterns, peak store hours, and customer wait times, which in turn allow them to deliver an immediate response in real-time.

Verint works towards a vision of creating ‘A Smarter World with Actionable Intelligence’. The company looks forward to offer strategic consulting, implementation services, training, maintenance, and 24 x 7 supports to improve store performance, and in turn create a safe and secure shopping experience.

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