Varonis Systems [NASDAQ:VRNS]: Shielding against Data Breaches and Threat Vectors

Varonis Systems [NASDAQ:VRNS]: Shielding against Data Breaches and Threat Vectors

CIO VendorYaki Faitelson, Co-founder & CEO
Retail businesses today are one among the most vulnerable targets of cyber attacks. On a daily basis, handling hundreds of customers means dealing and exchanging high volumes of personally identifiable information (PII) as well as payment information. Not protecting these data could lay a path for identity theft and fraud, adversely impacting business and eroding consumer’s trust. Risk is intensified when these details fall into wrong hands due to absence of an appropriate firewall or encryption. The likelihood of a security breach brings about catastrophic consequences for both business organizations as well as consumers. Partnering with a solution provider who can help retail organizations secure data and mitigate privacy information risks is mandatory. The New York, NY based Varonis provides innovative software solutions for retail enterprises aiding them to secure and safeguard retail data. “With a multitude of customers and a decade of experience, we detect and prevent almost all types of breaches,” says Yaki Faitelson, Co-founder and CEO, Varonis.

The company provides a suite of software platforms to efficiently prevent security breaches across the retail industry. Varonis’ DatAlert helps enterprises prevent data breaches by visualizing risks and prioritizing investigations to efficiently spot threats hitting trade secrets or intellectual property as well as PII. It features a web user interface which alerts IT administrators on suspicious behavior and the data assets being threatened, also pin pointing where the enterprise IT might have to compromise as part of a threat. This helps clients to quickly investigate and take remedial action without further escalating the issue. “DatAlert is the fastest-growing license in Varonis’ history based on the number of customers that have purchased it,” states Faitelson. To automatically analyze and detect suspicious activity, Varonis’ DatAlert Analytics provides innovative behavior analytics with privileged account detection which employs behavior-based threat models and accurate monitoring.

Today's sophisticated malware makes most perimeter security look pointless. Thus to prevent more stealthy and damaging threat vector, deploying user behavior analytics (UBA) is the best way

"Today's sophisticated malware makes most perimeter security look pointless. To prevent more stealthy and damaging threat vectors, deploying user behavior analytics (UBA) is the best way,” explains the CEO.

The company’s strong foothold in the retail security environment as a preventer of data breaches has resulted in numerous clients seeking help for eliminating their threat vectors. M-systems, a pioneer in flash memory product manufacturing, has over 800 employees worldwide and collaborates with a broad customer base. To prevent intellectual property breach, the client had to effectively authorize access to sensitive business data where risks due to unauthorized access is unacceptable as their products, business and manufacturing depends on access to shared data. Partnering with Varonis, M-systems deployed Varonis DatAdvantage to manage authorizations and govern data usage. This has offered the customer a multitude of business benefits like adaptive authorizations, data owner identification, full auditing for compliance and reduced IT management costs.

Varonis has well served retail enterprises over the past many years and is continuously investing towards bringing innovative solutions and security technologies. To improve offerings to customers, the company recently integrated its software platforms with Dell Fluid File System (FluidFS). The integration with Varonis solutions will provide Dell FluidFS users much greater insight, intelligence and control over their information. It also brings together two leading technologies with the shared goal to help organizations manage and protect their rapidly growing volumes of unstructured data from the ever growing security threats.

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