Silent Breach: Safeguarding the Retail Sector with Continuous Monitoring Systems

Silent Breach: Safeguarding the Retail Sector with Continuous Monitoring Systems

Marc Castejon, Founder & CEO, Silent BreachMarc Castejon, Founder & CEO
2017 witnessed an array of cyberattacks against some of the most prominent retailers in the US, affecting 353 million customers collectively, in spite of the cybersecurity measures taken by these organizations. Though retailers are innovating at a rapid pace to resolve these problems; their omnichannel approach is more prone to malware attacks than ever before. In such a scenario, monitoring these threats, complying with data protection regulations, and conducting vulnerability assessment becomes all the more important, in addition to implementing a cybersecurity solution. “Continuous monitoring systems play a vital role in the fight against malware attacks,” begins Marc Castejon, the founder and CEO of Silent Breach. “Because, cybersecurity can never be assured with a one-shot solution as it often remains a moving target that needs to be checked and quarantined continuously,” he adds.

Having spent 20 years in the retail space, Castejon, a connoisseur of cybersecurity realized the need for continuous monitoring systems to identify and prevent cyber threats. He then started a cybersecurity firm, Silent Breach, to provide a comprehensive portfolio of monitoring systems, penetration tests, vulnerability assessment, and incident detection and response solutions to safeguard data and digital assets of retailers. “I was always interested in cybersecurity, and the opportunity to work with some of the retail giants such as Walmart and Target helped me understand the struggles and difficulties surrounding cybersecurity in the retail sector,” adds Castejon.

Silent Breach takes a holistic approach to cybersecurity by providing threat intelligence and information sharing strategies to retailers, helping them protect multiple forms of data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Point of Sale (POS) information, and financial credentials. Through its continuous monitoring portfolio, the company assists retail organizations and businesses in strengthening their security mechanisms to tackle unforeseen malware attacks.

Cybersecurity is never a one-shot solution but a moving target that needs to be checked and quarantined continuously

The company abides by the philosophy of preventing an attack rather than curing it by identifying potential risks associated with a system.

This philosophy reflects in the company’s flagship offering NxSIEM—a continuous monitoring service—which allows customers to obtain deeper insights into their security stance. Built and offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) module, NxSIEM facilitates reduced operational cost, a scalable infrastructure, and corrective measures for risk mitigation. Silent Breach bundles its NxSIEM suite with penetration tests, vulnerability assessment, and incident response functionalities to deliver a comprehensive framework for organizations seeking a stringent security solution. To enhance the capabilities of NxSIEM, the company also plans to utilize artificial intelligence to visualize and quantify system vulnerabilities.

Silent Breach has worked with several retailers across the globe, addressing numerous complexities pertaining to cybersecurity. It has also played a vital role in helping clients comprehend and mitigate challenges pertaining to EU regulations such as GDPR. Silent Breach’s EU security team worked with one of its clients to assist them with the local regulations and constraints while keeping the business strategy aligned with the organizational objectives. The solutions provided by Silent Breach were fragmented to work out of different SOCs, isolating customer’s data and PII to regions where the branch was located. Silent Breach’s collaboration helped the client deploy a global omnichannel strategy by streamlining data and delivering optimal strategies that comply with the set regulations.

Such partnerships have allowed Silent Breach to establish a global presence in the cybersecurity space. The firm now aims to expand its services in the APAC region and strengthen the cybersecurity portfolio. “The cybersecurity landscape is changing at a rapid pace and nowhere more so than in Asia. We have recently opened our office in Singapore, aspiring to showcase the benefits of our solutions to those seeking the best cybersecurity practices that the industry has to offer,” concludes Castejon.