My Digital Shield: Next-gen Security Shield for Cyber Threats

My Digital Shield: Next-gen Security Shield for Cyber Threats

Andrew Bagrin, Founder & CEO, My Digital ShieldAndrew Bagrin, Founder & CEO
As retail industry is taking a dramatic leap with technological advancements to redefine the way consumers shop and interact, the constant cyber menace is casting a gloomy shadow over the landscape. Presenting manifold challenges to retailers, the omnipresent cyber threats are driving security solution vendors to define new ways to confront the challenge. Retail businesses in the SMB space are on a constant lookout for the same level of security Fortune 500 companies and government agencies can deploy. “The existing retail security solutions are extremely complex and expensive, which makes it unattainable for most small and mid-size businesses (SMBs),” says Andrew Bagrin, an IT security veteran, Founder and CEO of My Digital Shield (MDS). The need of the hour for retailers is to figure out the right solution that fits their particular need and can protect the Point-of- Sale (POS) and computer systems. To address this requirement, Wilmington based MDS plays the role of a shield by making cloud-based, enterprise grade cyber-security available and attainable for any business. “Our vision at MDS is to secure the entire network and not let the threats get closer,” says Bagrin.

MDS provides comprehensive and customized cyber security protection tailored to meet the specific demands of small businesses. The company removes the complexity of today’s advanced Unified Threat Management (UTM) technology, which has left most of the deployments completely misconfigured. By leveraging its proprietary configuration engine, MDS simplifies the configuration process and provides the most advanced and sophisticated defenses. “The SMB space, especially retail, requires a cost-effective, high performance and simplified security solution. These are the key things MDS provides with its patented engine and patent pending cloud framework,” says Bagrin.

Additionally, MDS removes the perils of legacy on-premise perimeter defenses that companies adopt— largely restricted to a limited area and bereft of greater data protection measures.

OmniShield enables companies to easily deliver high-end cyber-security to their customers with very little technical knowledge

MDS’ flagship cyber security platform OmniShield, the omni-present dynamic virtual perimeter solution, removes the bottleneck of these traditional premise based security products by virtualizing the perimeter, allowing greater throughput, and advanced protective and breach detective actions. It also provides the same perimeter and protection regardless of location or type of device it’s protecting. “OmniShield enables companies to easily deliver high-end cyber-security to their customers with very little technical knowledge,” delineates Bagrin. MDS also offers a partner program that enables service providers to private label its services. While ensuring the entire customer’s data is secured in the cloud, MDS assures that SMBs’ needs to protect their data against data breaches, hackers, viruses and other cyber-security issues are met.

As a provider of Security-as-a- Service (SECaaS), MDS has served numerous managed service providers and small businesses across various industries including retail, restaurants, hospitality, and professional services. In an implementation highlight, a bar which installed MDS platform shortly after their inauguration, received a malware alert from their POS systems. “Instantly we identified and removed the malware issue by blocking their outbound communication to the internet (C2 servers),” extols Bagrin.

As the retail businesses in the SMB space is mostly affected by cyber-attacks, MDS is committed to deliver a truly easy-to-use mechanism for every company to remain protected behind OmniShield and never connect to the unsecured internet. “This way our technology advancement leads a new paradigm of improved machinery for any device or connection, making it more resilient, higher performing and which would provide much better quality of service,” concludes Bagrin.