Intelligent Security Systems (ISS): Augmenting Retail Security with Robust VMS

Intelligent Security Systems (ISS): Augmenting Retail Security with Robust VMS

Aluisio Figueiredo, CEO, Intelligent Security SystemsAluisio Figueiredo, CEO
Transgressions such as shoplifting, employee theft and inventory shrinkage are one of the most common misdeeds that erode profit in the retail sector. A study released by the National Retail Federation reveals that this misdemeanor has piled up to a challenge of $32 billion. In this scenario, it is not surprising that retailers today are aiming to safeguard their profits by minimizing these offensive crimes. Retail video surveillance solutions are proving to be a boon for retailers to protect business, by dissuading crime, and ultimately reducing losses by augmenting a safer environment. Headquartered in Woodbridge, NJ, Intelligent Security Systems (ISS) provides security surveillance and control systems for networked digital video and audio recording, video image pattern processing and digital data transmission. The company assists retailers worldwide to shore up their bottom lines through automated security procedures.

With an industry presence of two decades, ISS offers SecurOS—a comprehensive suite that provides a complete operating solution that addresses all the major components of retail industry’s security needs. SecurOS eliminates guesswork related to theft, accidents and cash register disputes. SecurOS is available in seven variables— Enterprise, Premium, Professional, Xpress, Lite, MCC, and Smart NVR Appliance. Enterprise supports an unlimited number of connected servers managing an unlimited number of cameras and devices. Additionally, Enterprise supports the full complement of ISS Video Analytics Modules on all channels and can be deployed in a standalone deployment or as part of a more enterprise level SecurOS Monitoring and Control Center (MCC) system. The ISS flagship video management software, SecurOS Enterprise, is the nucleus of the complete surveillance and security management topology.

Premium is the solution for multi-server systems, advanced capabilities and analytics, offering an enterprise VMS capability at a value-driven price point. The solution can support up to 20 servers, 640 cameras, and up to 20 channels of ISS’ turnkey video analytics, such as Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition, and Container Recognition. It also supports smart video modules such as POS and ATM Transaction Monitoring and Synchronization.

ISS is helping retailers worldwide to shore up their bottom lines through automated security procedures

The company’s SecurOS Professional is easy to use, with multiple layers of authorization and management, powerful with long term scalability and time-tested reliability in thousands of mission critical installations. The system balances feature rich capabilities, ease of use, and value for a great video management and recording solution. Furthermore, Xpress is the entry level choice in the ISS Video Management system product line, with special features for smaller deployments when value is a key consideration. It is fully upgradeable with minimal effort to SecurOS Professional, Premium or Enterprise. The common interface allows for easy transition both from a technological as well as training perspective to other SecurOS server solutions.

ISS also offers POS Transaction Monitoring and Synchronization as an optional module on the SecurOS line of video management software. The SecurOS links live video with transaction data from a POS system and allows retailers to search for specific transactions and review the video archive of that transaction. The solution integrates with other ISS analytics to provide a complete retail solution, including recognition of known shoplifters, license plate recognition for gas stations—effectively combating fraud and loss occurring in transactions.

Today, ISS technology is being employed in 53 countries across sectors such as retail, banking, office complexes, industrial and manufacturing sites, and more. With its wings spread across Brazil, Dubai, Argentina, and South Africa, ISS is increasing its global presence while embracing innovations and advancements in terms of security technology to help clients prevent unnecessary and costly legal and investigative services.