Graymatics: Intelligence-based Security Expert

Graymatics: Intelligence-based Security Expert

Abhijit Shanbhag, President & CEO, GraymaticsAbhijit Shanbhag, President & CEO
Advancements in computing power and visual intelligence solutions, over the course of 25 years, have brought retailers to a precipice in the security landscape. Intelligent monitoring software has bolstered areas where traditional security surveillance technology falls short. Additionally, the current market disruptions revolve around extensive image and video analytics. Based in Santa Clara, CA, Graymatics has devised a solution, for the retail sector, to not only index, monitor, and detect suspicious activities or violence by scouring gigabytes of video and image feeds from surveillance systems but also analyze the same and provide prescriptive actions.

Abhijit Shanbhag, President and CEO of Graymatics, opines that although advancements in the video surveillance for retail space occur at increasingly shorter intervals, enterprises still suffer from the inability to take action on real-time security concerns. “Graymatics’ retail security solutions help perform not only image and video in-depth analytics but also perform audio analytics in real-time which helps detect voice direction and emotion, and suspicious noise,” he explains, “Any unwanted activity is thoroughly verified; video analytics can infer such a situation and alarm the concerned authorities without any lag.”

The short turnaround time to action is backed by a cloud-based artificial intelligence engine—the G3C (Graymatics Context Connect Cloud) technology that churns data contextually. G3C is the core component of the packaging process; it extracts and organizes linchpin data, burring out all other excess noise signals. The existing CCTV surveillance solutions lack the ability to automate event detection, analyze visual features such as faces or weapons, or the ability to search and find feeds quickly.

Graymatics technology leverages intelligent people analytics to maximize loss prevention and maintain a secure retail environment

A deep metadata understanding in Graymatics’ AI technology proves throughput in sensing unethical activities automatically and registering key elements of the individuals perpetuating it. The platform itself keeps a track of people and items associated with detected events directly from the feeds supplied to it.

Although such technology may seem futuristic, it was in fact practically implemented in a chain of fashion stores in Indonesia to keep track of footfalls and create demographic profiles of individuals that were involved in security disruptions within the premises. The implementation gave the store managers with capabilities such as face detection and recognition, people counting and tracking, building emotion graphs based on audio and video input, and intrusion and violence detection. Authorities could monitor and be informed in real-time about any security breaches that they should be aware of. “We have been working with the retail sector in different parts of the world. Few are in Indonesia and others in the US and Singaporean markets,” states Shanbhag, “Their experience with our technology has been outstanding— integrating our AI algorithms with their CCTV cameras to automate and enhance their security measures.”

Apart from the retail sector, Graymatics works actively with the telecom, digital media and IoT, and ecommerce. Their video analytics platform, powered by G3C, delivers common benefits that drive value across all these sectors—enhanced visibility by scene search and categorization capabilities, proactive scanning of roads, car parks and secure installations, recognition of interest entities such as faces, numbers, and names. “Video analytics is the key to unlocking smarter surveillance. Graymatics technology leverages intelligent people analytics to maximize loss prevention and maintain a secure retail environment,” Shanbhag concludes.